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3G Web Design .com 3Gwebdesign.com : Web design and development company
3G Graphic Design .com 3Ggraphicdesign.com : Graphic design and animation company
4G Tec .com 4Gtec.com : Total Web and IT services Limited company
3G Megastore .com 3Gmegastore.com : 3G mobile phone sales and information company
3G Domains .com 3Gdomains.com : 3G domains for sale and for lease
3G - Training .co.uk 3G-training.co.uk : Training company for 3G technologies J2ME
Mobile Bums .com Mobilebums : Fun site rating visitors images and videos of bums taken on their 3G phones
Chip Your Pet .com ChipYourPet .com : Pet microchipping company
Zimbabwe Holidays .co.uk Zimbabweholidaysco.uk : On-line travel Company offering Zimbabwe holidays
Zimbabwe Safaris .co.uk Zimbabwesafarisco.uk : On-line travel Company offering Zimbabwe safaris
Zimbabwe Hotels .co.uk Zimbabwehotelsco.uk : On-line travel Company offering Zimbabwe hotels
Zimbabwe Flights .co.uk Zimbabweflightsco.uk : On-line travel Company offering Zimbabwe flights
Daily News Zimbabwe .co.uk Dailynewszimbabwe.co.uk : On-line travel Company offering Zimbabwe daily
BX3-4 .co.uk BX3-4.co.uk : Company offering the BX3-4 hair loss and baldness hair helmet
Which 3G  Which3g.co.uk : 3G phones review and 3G mobile phone networks review
4G Phones .co.uk 4GPhones.co.uk 4G phones and concept wireless next generation phones
Car Hands Free Kits .com carhandsfreekits.com Bluetooth and standard hand free kits for car and personal use
Car Hands Free kit .co.uk carhandsfreekit.co.uk Bluetooth and standard hand free kits for car and personal use
Future Web sites
3G Consultants .co.uk 3Gconsultants.co.uk : 3G infrastructure design and business development consultants
3G Uploads .co.uk 3Guploads.co.uk : Company supplying content for 3G phones
3G Ring Tunes .com 3Gringtunes.com : Company supplying ring tunes for 3G phones
3G Game City .com 3Ggamecity.com : Company supplying games for 3G phones
3G - Porn .co.uk 3G-porn.co.uk : Company supplying porn for 3G phones
3G Alert .com 3Galert.com : Company supplying home and vehicle security for 3G phones
3G Road Watch .com 3Groadwatch.com : Company supplying travel information for 3G phones
3G Recruitment .com 3Grecruitment.com : Company supplying staff for the 3G industry
3G Sports .com 3Gsports.com : Company supplying local sports results for 3G phones
3G Dating .net 3Gdating.net : Company supplying dating and chat services for 3G phones
Djembe Drums .co.uk Djembedrums.co.uk : Company selling African Djembe Drums
Djembe - Drums .co.uk Djembe-drums.co.uk : Company selling African Djembe Drums
3G Nanny .com 3gnanny.com : Security and content filtering company for 3G phones
3G Study .com  3gstudy.com : Company offering revision and lessons on 3G phones
3G - Mobile - Phone .com 3g-mobile-phone.com : 3G phones and 3G handset accessories , The lastest cheapest 3g mobiles
Home - Defence .co.uk home-defence.co.uk : Company offering home security property defence products and information
Client Web sites
Save Broomfield House.co.uk savebroomfieldhouse.co.uk A site for Enfield Council Save Broomfield House
CDB Secretarial services CDB Secretarial services for small and medium sized businesses
North London Enterprise Club NLEC helping entrepreneurs to set up new businesses in North London
Laptop manuals .com Laptopmanuals.com Laptop & notebook manuals available on-line
Kids In Tune .com KidsInTune.com Kids Music CDs are a unique, personalised gift
Euro karlink .com Eurokarlink.com Competitively priced car hire On-line
Pet Moments .com Petmoments.com On-line free pet photo service, Share, Store and Send
Fisher Research .com fisherresearch.com Own Label Chemical Development and Contract Manufacture
Chela .co.uk chela.co.uk Manufacture and supply cleaning products
Nlitec .com nlitec.com North London ITeC provides a full range of Information Technology training
Construction web .com constructionweb.com Internet portal for tradesperson to source training and work
Lucine London .com lucinelondon.com Unique continental-style design boutique in Chelsea
London english college .com londonenglishcollege.com English college with audio image courses on-line
Little Bay Hotel .com littlebayhotel.com Barbados hotel on the south coast near ST. lawrence gap
Misc Web sites
3G UK 3G Info and 3G links UK